Bekkers Wine 2015 Bekkers McLaren Vale Grenache

Bekkers Wine 2015 Bekkers McLaren Vale Syrah

Bekkers Wine 2015 Bekkers McLaren Vale Syrah Grenache


The Wine Front, Campbell Mattinson. 96pts for Bekkers Grenache 2016. “It’s a deluxe wine if ever there was one.”

Huon 96 pts for 2015 Bekkers Syrah- “Outstanding.”

The Wine Front, Gary Walsh. 95pts for Bekkers Syrah 2015- “Smooth, spicy and sophisticated.”

Halliday Australian Wine Companion 2018. 95 pts for Bekkers 2015 Syrah-Grenache- “…fragrant with delicate red fruits and haunting spices…”

Halliday Australian Wine Companion 2018. 98 pts for Bekkers 2015 Grenache- “As close to perfection as you are likely to come with McLaren Vale grenache.”

Halliday Australian Wine Companion 2018. 98 pts for Bekkers 2015 Syrah- “…makes the marriage of intensity and elegance seem simple…

Gourmet Traveller Wine. Huon Hooke: 95 pts for 2015 Bekkers Grenache. “An outstanding grenache…”

Halliday Magazine. James Halliday’s 25 Great Reds Over $30. 2015 Bekkers Syrah: “…makes the marriage of intensity and elegance seem simple, purity and power likewise.”

Emmanuelle Bekkers on French Radio. Vinexpo Bordeaux, 2017.

Huon 95pts for Bekkers 2015 Grenache- “Very good – even decadent.”

Gourmet Traveller Wine, Huon Hooke. 95pts for 2015 Syrah Grenache- “…seamlessly textured…”, Richard Hemming. 2015 Syrah Grenache: “There is a sheer pleasure to this fruit.”

In Daily, Philip White. Unlocking Grenache in its heartland.

WBM Magazine, Mike Bennie. 96pts for 2014 Syrah: “Stunning.”

WBM Magazine, Mike Bennie. 96pts for 2015 Syrah Grenache: “Modern classic.”

Mercedes Benz Magazine: “Those seeking an exclusive fine wine experience should head directly to Bekkers.”

Gourmet Traveller Wine, Huon Hooke. 96pts for 2014 Bekkers Syrah: “…intense, concentrated, focussed and precise…”

The Adelaide Review. Dave Brookes: Bekkers 2015 Grenache: “It’s one of the top Grenaches around and is just a pleasure to drink.”

Money Magazine, Peter Forrestal: 2014 Bekkers Syrah Grenache. “…sumptuous velvety texture…”

Australian Financial Review Article by Max Allen. “…what sets the Bekkers project apart is the couple’s serious respect for ­and attention to detail applied to ­grenache.”

Australian Financial Review, Max Allen: Bekkers 2015 Grenache- “One of the most outstanding wines of the thousands I tasted last year..”

Travel + Leisure Magazine Article. ““Toby Bekkers and his wife, Emmanuelle, make some of McLaren Vale’s most refined wines.”

The Advertiser, 100 Hot Summer Drinks. Tony Love. Five stars for 2015 Bekkers Syrah Grenache: “…satisfying drinkability.”, Angus Hughson. 95pts for Bekkers 2014 Syrah. “A velvet steam roller…”, Angus Hughson. 94pts for Bekkers 2015 Syrah Grenache. “…a sense of elegance…”, Angus Hughson. 94pts for Bekkers 2015 Grenache. “…great concentration and fruit…”

Huon Hooke, 96pts for Bekkers 2014 Syrah. “A stylish, classy wine of excellent balance and palate texture.”

Jancis Bekkers 2014 Syrah: “…wonderful fruit clarity…”

Wine Front: Campbell Mattinson. 95 pts for Bekkers Syrah Grenache 2015. “It’s a pearler.”

Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate #226

Wine Front- Gary Walsh. 94pts for Bekkers 2014 Syrah: “Looks very convincing given time in the glass…”

2017 Halliday Wine Companion

Huon Hooke, Gourmet Traveller Wine: 95pts for 2014 Grenache: “Elegance and concentration…”

James Halliday: 96 pts for Bekkers 2014 Syrah. “Class stamped on every bottle.”

Decanter Magazine, Sarah Ahmed. 95 pts for Bekkers 2013 Syrah. “Beautifully expressive and well-honed…”

Decanter Magazine July 2016. Style Shift in Australian Reds. Sarah Ahmed.

5 of the Best Wine Experiences in South Australia- Luxuria Lifestyle International

Interview- Milton Wordley’s People Of Wine: Ten Questions. Emmanuelle Bekkers.

Australian House and Garden Magazine. Toni Paterson, 2014 Syrah Grenache: “A stunning high-end wine that is richly flavoured and finely tailored.”

Article: Australian House and Garden Magazine. From the Art, by Toni Paterson. “Emmanuelle and Toby Bekkers are producing some extremely exciting reds from McLaren Vale.”

Wine Business Monthly 50 Stars of 2015. “Reflects what Australia wants to be known for.”

James Halliday, 2014 Bekkers McLaren Vale Syrah Grenache: “…fine and soft…” 95pts.

Josh Raynolds, 2013 Syrah. “…silky, precise…” 93pts.

Josh Raynolds, 2014 Syrah Grenache. “…seamless, sappy, long and impressively lively…” 92pts.

Josh Raynolds, 2014 Grenache. “…a suave blend of depth and vibrancy…” 93pts. Bekkers 2013 Syrah. “…beautifully finished.” 95pts. Bekkers 2014 Grenache. “Super rich, silky, ripe and saturated in flavor.” Bekkers 2014 Syrah Grenache. “…polished and groomed style that is a Bekkers trademark.” 2014 Bekkers Syrah Grenache. “…so pure and refined.”

Angus Hughson, Bekkers,Syrah Grenache, 2014. 94pts.”Delicious but not overstated.”

James Halliday’s Bekkers 2014 Grenache 96 pts.

Video: Wine and Spirits Magazine (U.S.) visit Bekkers.

Angus Hughson, Wine Genius. Bekkers, Grenache, 2014- 94pts.

Mike Bennie, Wine Business Magazine. 2013 Syrah, 95pts. “…speaks of region with authority.”

Campbell Mattinson, Wine Front. 95 pts for 2014 Bekkers Syrah Grenache: “It feels like a piece of high-class design.”

Campbell Mattinson, Wine Front. 94 pts for 2014 Bekkers Grenache: “It’s McLaren Vale Burgundy, or a single variety expression thereof, as it was meant to be…”

Angus Hughson, Bekkers Syrah 2013: “Well integrated tannins suggest a long life expectancy…” 2013 Syrah….”Ultra pure berry fruit, spice…”

Wine Business Magazine Cover & Story

Sarah Ahmed (U.K.)- The pointy end of McLaren Vale: a visit & vertical with Bekkers Fine Wine #220 Aug 2015 Lisa Perrotti-Brown. 95+, 93, 92+.

Cambell Mattinson, Wine Front. 2013 Bekkers Syrah: 94pts. “…ultra-fine, and persuasive.”

Bekkers 5-star winery: James Halliday 2016 Wine Companion.

James Halliday 2016 Wine Companion: 97pts for 2013 Bekkers Syrah.

James Halliday 2016 Wine Companion: 95pts for 2013 Bekkers Syrah Grenache.

James Halliday 2016 Wine Companion: 95 pts for 2013 Bekkers Grenache.

James Halliday’s Wine Companion- Cellar doors aren’t what they used to be Bekkers 2013 Syrah/Grenache: “Impressive fruit concentration and purity..”

Huon Hooke, Gourmet Traveller Wine. 95pts for 2013 Bekkers Grenache. “..lovely texture and balance.”

Mike Bennie, WBM. Bekkers McLaren Vale Grenache 2013: “Effortless drinking.” 95pts.

Angus Hughson, Bekkers McLaren Vale Grenache, 2013. “…surprising elegance…” 94pts.

Angus Hughson, Bekkers, Syrah Grenache, 2013. “Superb.” 95pts.

Gary Walsh, Winefront. 2013 Bekkers Grenache: 94pts. “Rings clear and long…”

Mike Bennie. Winefront: 2013 Syrah Grenache- “…plenty to like here. Plenty.” Bekkers 2012 Syrah McLaren Vale: “Sophisticated wine this.” 94 pts.

Australian Financial Review Magazine. Philip Rich: 2012 Syrah: “Superb”.

Mike Bennie, WBM. 2012 Syrah: 95pts. “…’freshness’…’poise’…’vitality’.”

Campbell Mattinson- Winefront: Bekkers 2012 Syrah 95pts.

Matthew Jukes, Money Week. (U.K.) 2012 Syrah: “This calibre of earth, spice, oak control and fruit quality is rare anywhere in the world…”

The West Australian, Ray Jordan: Bekkers McLaren Vale syrah 2012- “This extraordinary wine is one of the finest I have tasted from McLaren Vale.”

The Weekend Australian. Max Allen: Bekkers 2012 Syrah “…a new Australian classic in the making.”

James Halliday Wine Companion 2015. Five star winery and 97 points for 2012 Syrah.

2012 Syrah: The Adelaide Advertiser: Tony Love’s Top 100 Wines: “…sits comfortably with the region’s best…”

Qantas Magazine July 2014. Bekkers 2011 Syrah “…a stellar expression of premium McLaren Vale fruit and viticulture.”

Australian Financial Review. Bekkers 2011 Syrah: 93 (94)/100.

2012 Bekkers Syrah. 95/100. Jeremy Pringle: “…Lit up by violet florals and Asian spices …”

2011 Bekkers Syrah. 93/100. Patrick Haddock

Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate #211. 95+pts for Bekkers Grenache 2012.

Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate #211. 95+pts for Bekkers Syrah 2012.

2012 Grenache: Max Allen, WE Australian “…reminds me of the best reds of Rockford…”

Gary Walsh- The Wine Front. 2011 Syrah, 94/100

Max Allen's First Article for (U.K.) “…Australian Future Makers I think you should know about”

Jane Faulkner, 2011 Syrah: Melbourne Age/Sydney Morning Herald. “…superb with great presence, definition…”

James Halliday: 96/100 for 2011 Bekkers Syrah. “An exceptional achievement for the vintage…”

James Halliday Wine Companion 2014. BEKKERS: 5-star winery.

Jancis 2011 Syrah: “Flawless sheen and balance.”

Fleurieu Living Magazine

Gourmet Traveller Wine. 2011 Syrah: “…a wine of depth, definition and clarity, beautifully supple and textured like fine velvet.”

Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate #205 – 2011 Syrah: 94+ points. “…nicely balanced refreshing acid and a medium to firm level of velvety tannins.”

Australian Gourmet Traveller. 2011 Syrah: “A seriously good debut wine…. A triumph from the cool, wet vintage too.”

REVIEW BY MATTHEW JUKES (U.K.) 2011 Syrah: “…a wondrous bottle of wine…”